There is a huge range of sexual services for which men, women, and couples pay an escort; some of the most sought after are those that provide fetish, threesome, role play, and orgy services.

There are also escorts of all ages, and social strata, with university professionals who enjoy the pleasure of charging for sexual and company services.

Many men prefer to hire the services of an escort, especially for their interest in experiencing new things. But in many cases, also due to the lack of time to invest in a romantic relationship or a partner that does not cover all their needs.

Escort services, in practice, are still prostitution, but they include another type of higher category service. For this reason, the consumption of services offered by those currently known as Fukuoka escorts is becoming more and more common.

For this class of escorts, it is very important to look natural, which has nothing to do with traditional street prostitution.

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A complete service


There are many reasons why a man decides to hire an escort girl, from the fact that he doesn't want to be alone, to feel desired and have all the attention of an attractive woman, to couples and groups of people who want to live new experiences.

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